How long is the turnaround?

Our standard turnaround is around 3 working days depending on the quantity
and number of color of the job since the day you place order.
– We can do same day service if you really request to, additional charges may apply.
Please be aware that we have built our reputation for taking rush order in the whole printing industry.
– Job with no more than 2 colors can be done within 2 to 3 working days
– Job with more than 3 colors can be done within 3 to 5 working days
– Digital transfer can be done within 1 to 3 working days depending on quantity
We have the flexibility to meet extra tight deadlines when required, so please let us
know in advance if you would like us to put a rush on it! (Please note that extra charges may apply)

What do I need to do to get my order completed?

Please refer to Quote form.
We add your job to our printing schedule once the pre-press procedures are complete.
There are a few things that need to be checked off before we can proceed.
The minimum requirements for your job to go ahead are listed below,
please let us know if you need any help getting your project underway, as we are happy to help out.
1. Your contact details including a daytime phone number and delivery address.
2. Final art supplied in an acceptable format
3. Mockup approved (when requested)
4. All work instructions including print color-ways and placements
5. Garment order, including a breakdown of sizes.
6. Payment in full or a Deposit if requested.

What brands do we supply?

We supply ranges of brands with high quality.
We are able to source everything from locally made custom garments to well known
international brands as listed below:
– JB’s Wear
– Ramo
– Biz Collection
– Gildan
– As Color
– American Apparel
If you can’t find what you want from the listed brand, let us know, and we will do our bets to find it for you.

jb  ramo  biz-collection[1]

gildan[1]    as_colour[1]american-apparel-logo[1]

Can I bring my own garments?

As apparel supply is a core part of our business, we prefer to provide the garments we print.
However, you are welcome to bring your own, but please note that our bundled pricing may
offer better value to you due to our preferential purchasing arrangements with our suppliers.
If you are thinking about purchasing apparel for us to decorate, please consider the following:

• Quality. As we do not QC customer supplied goods before printing, you will need to check the
stock carefully before shipping it to our warehouse.

• Print-ability. Not all garments are suitable for all applications, and we cannot guarantee the
print-ability of your goods. Please check with us prior to purchasing any stock, as it is very
important that it’s suitable for the work you have booked.

• Print Faults. Although we take every possible care with our customers stock, mistakes do
happen. Your shirts = Your risk.

• Extra Charges. To avoid handling fees, please ensure your goods are clearly labeled and boxed
ready to unpack and print. The stock must match the work instructions in regard to print names,
fabric colors and sizes.

What kind of inks do you use?

We use Plastisol, Waterbase and Hybrid Acrylic ink systems.

How many colors can you print?

We can print up to 11 colors in a design of the garment. Please keep in mind that a base is also considered
as a color and is almost always necessary on dark colored-t-shirts.For Non-woven bags, we can print onto
ANY SIZE OF BAGS and ANY PART of the bag for up to 4 colors. Please be aware that we are the ONLY
printer in Australian who is capable to printing wrap around design on the whole body of the bags.

What are your standard printing size?

Our maximum print area for screen printing is 360mm W x 500mm H.
We can custom made Non-woven bags into various sizes with printing on ANY PART of the bag up to 4 colors.
Please let us know if you would like to print a design that is outside this guideline and we will find you the best way to print it.

How long will my screens be kept? What about repeat orders?

Due to the large number of jobs we produce every week, we constantly reuse our screens for new jobs.
We add the films from your print setup to our client library so we can quickly prepare fresh screens anytime
a repeat order is needed. And there is no set up charges for repeat jobs.

Why do you put a base down on dark colors?

This is required by the nature of plastisol ink to print a base layer of ink on mid and dark colored garments
to seal the fabric before overprinting the color you have specified. This is to achieve a bright, smooth and opaque printing result.

How can I choose my print colours?

Our ink systems allow color matching to the industry standard Pantone System (PMS).
You can specify the color according to the Pantone book or specified by our professional experts.
If you have a printed example of the color you want us to match to, please bring or send that to us,
as this helps us get the closest match for you.

What specialty inks do you offer?

We offer Glow-in-the-Dark, Glow-under-Blacklight, Puff, Suede, Vintage and Crackle textures and Metallic effects.
We specially use “Corrogloss cover” for printing paper and plastic bags.
Please let us know at the quoting stage if you would like a special effect, as we will need to check that the design and fabrics are compatible.

How can I get a Print Sample?

To see different print techniques, you can either visit our showroom or check out the showroom section of our website.
If you require a physical example of your print for salesman or approval samples, we can post or deliver it to you.
Please let us know when you place your order as extra charges will apply to the sample separately.

How can I see a Test print of my design?

Should you wish to see a test print of your design before we proceed, we can send you a hi-res photo of the
first print via Email or SMS immediately prior to bulk production.
Please note that no artwork changes can be made at this stage. This process is made available for you to check the quality of the printing only.

How do you need the art supplied?

Please see our artwork specification and upload page for full details.

What are the care instructions after printing?

We recommend a cold machine wash, and line dry, with the garment turned inside out.
Do not wash within full load washing machine and wash together with garments with zips, metal buckles.
Tumble dryers may shrink the fabric or damage the print. Do not iron Plastisol, Foil or Flock. Water-base prints may be ironed on the reverse side.

Do you do Direct to Garment Digital (DTG) printing?

No, we offer Screen printing and Transfer printing.

How can I arrange payment?

Our preferred method of payment is by EFT (online bank transfer).
Please save a copy of the remittance using the invoice number as reference, and email it to us to confirm your payment.
Credit card and cash payments are also welcome.
However, we do not accept cheque payment.We would require 30% deposit before processing the order
and the full payment to be made before dispatch of stock.

How do I get my goods once they are ready?

We will contact you once your order has been finished. Once your account is settled, we organize for the
finished goods to be shipped to you. . In metro Melbourne we provide FREE DELIVERY.We can also arrange
interstate freight which may take up to 3 days and the cost is depending on destinations. If you have a preference,
please ask when your order is placed, and we will do our best to satisfy your need.

Can I copy another design, change it a bit, and ask you to print it for me?

Please don’t. The basic test we apply to this type of copyright question is that if anyone could mistake your
design for one owned by someone else, then we won’t be printing it. If you would like us to create a new design
to your requirements, our design team can do this for you.

How can I get a Garment Sample?

You are welcome to visit our showroom to view our range, or we can arrange samples to be sent out for you to check size,
fit and color.Our standard practice is to charge for samples that leave our showroom, and we issue a refund or credit to our
customers when a saleable item is returned to us.